Hello! I'm Sam, a Sydney based design and Product aficionado

I'm the Founder and Director of Sydney based design consultancy, Celestial, where we cover every step of the ideation, design, build and leadership process.

Prior to Celestial, I've been lucky enough to build ventures from zero-to-one with the Helix Collective, and spend seven years building an amazing design team focusing on enterprise data-driven digital experiences, with Servian.

I offer design mentorship through ADPlistIxDA Sydney and teach Advanced Prototyping & UX Design methodologies through Harness Projects.

I've had the pleasure working with

Focus areas


Turn ideas into reality

I've been lucky enough to work across an eclectic range of industries from early-stage start-ups to enterprise government agencies.

One area that holds true in every industry sector - establishing a fast-paced product design process that is both experimentation and validation-heavy, is worth it's weight in gold.

Testing hypotheses early and regularly can enable complex, data-driven solutions to be engaging and usable.

Build, measure & improve your product's capability

What technology should I leverage? What feature should I build next? There's no one size fits all approach to strategy.

Taking a step back to clarify your business model, target market, and competitive advantage can help identify strengths and gaps within your product.

Quickly pivot in response to changing conditions, customer needs, and emerging technologies.

Operational efficiencies through process improvement

Streamline end-to-end processes, and invest in better technology & data solutions.

Mapping out end-to-end processes ensures transparency, efficiency, and consistent customer excellence across the entire process.

Tell inspiring stories with your data

Whether you build a financial report within Power BI or a simple app widget, communicating dense and complex information in graphical form can be tricky.

Sticking to a strict set of principles can help demystify what data you want to communicate and how you convey that data back to a user.

You can improve your data communication game by combining collaborative workshops and reporting best practices.


Drop us a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Peace up, A-Town.

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